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fuel duty

No 10 complains over Osborne's bruising bout with Evan Davis

Media Watch
Fri 7 Dec, AT 09:36

'It could have been better handled,' BBC executive admits – but Davis is off the hook for tough interview


Osborne ridiculed for putting up Chloe, 30, to explain 3p U-turn

Wed 27 Jun, AT 07:43
The Mole

Why did the Chancellor sacrifice a hapless junior last night? Because he's seen Armageddon in the Treasury forecasts

David Cameron hints at freeze on petrol duty – a good move

Wed 23 Nov, AT 15:26
The Mole

Clear suggestion that George Osborne will back motorists in upcoming Autumn Statement

George Osborne announces emergency budget

Why David Cameron fears the fuel duty time-bomb

Thu 3 Mar, AT 15:52
The Mole

The Mole: The PM dreads the sort of fuel protests that nearly brought the Blair government to its knees