Funding for Lending scheme

The great savings swindle: 'UK savers have lost £500bn'

Personal Finance
Fri 9 Aug, AT 08:34

The fallout from Mark Carney's 'forward guidance' is exacerbated by the sneaky tactics of banks

Northern Rock

Northern Rock back in profit for first time since crash

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Thu 27 Jun, AT 10:52

Virgin Money reaps rewards of £750m takeover as combined business edges towards annual profit


Funding for Lending Scheme: Bank lending falls

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Tue 4 Jun, AT 12:04

Young and fast-growing businesses' still left in the cold

Bank of England

Treasury and Bank of England to extend funding for lending

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Wed 24 Apr, AT 11:40

'This is a big boost for business', says Osborne

Bank of England

Funding for lending scheme not enough, say banks

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Mon 22 Apr, AT 11:30

'If it were to be extended I think that would be helpful, but it is not a panacea', say expers

Mortgage fees at 25-year high

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Tue 9 Apr, AT 10:56

'It's easy to shout about low interest rates - but beware of high fees', say experts

Bank of England

BoE tells banks to raise £25bn - but will borrowing fall?

First Reaction
Wed 27 Mar, AT 15:03

Vince Cable warns ruling on 'black hole' on balance sheets could hit borrowing

Bank of England

Funding for Lending 'to be put on steroids'

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Tue 12 Mar, AT 08:00

Scheme will be extended beyond 2013 and directed more towards small businesses, says FT

Bank of England

Mortgage and corporate loans finally rising, says BoE

Fri 4 Jan, AT 08:35

Credit Conditions Survey shows positive trend - but one economist warns against over-reaction