Funding for Lending scheme

09 Aug, 2013

The fallout from Mark Carney's 'forward guidance' is exacerbated by the sneaky tactics of banks

Northern Rock
27 Jun, 2013

Virgin Money reaps rewards of £750m takeover as combined business edges towards annual profit

04 Jun, 2013

Young and fast-growing businesses' still left in the cold

Bank of England
24 Apr, 2013

'This is a big boost for business', says Osborne

Bank of England
22 Apr, 2013

'If it were to be extended I think that would be helpful, but it is not a panacea', say expers

09 Apr, 2013

'It's easy to shout about low interest rates - but beware of high fees', say experts

Bank of England
27 Mar, 2013

Vince Cable warns ruling on 'black hole' on balance sheets could hit borrowing

Bank of England
12 Mar, 2013

Scheme will be extended beyond 2013 and directed more towards small businesses, says FT

Bank of England
04 Jan, 2013

Credit Conditions Survey shows positive trend - but one economist warns against over-reaction