Crispin Black
11 Oct, 2013

The Anglo-French military intervention has brought neither security nor stability to Libya

22 Jul, 2013

Thousands of new parents want to bestow a regal name on their offspring, but Kevin might be a safer bet

08 Jul, 2013

Girl groomed to be Gaddafi sex slave recalls meeting 'clueless' PM near Tripoli

28 May, 2013

Britain succeeds in lifting EU's ban on sending arms to rebels, but opinion is split on possible outcomes

Crispin Black
25 Jan, 2013

Or did he only just come up with the idea in order to cover his tracks over Libya?

24 Sep, 2012

Attempts to crack down on Islamist militias in Libya could backfire

Abdel Hakim Belhadj
18 Apr, 2012

As Straw is served legal papers, it seems today's secret agents are no longer prepared to take the fall for politicians

20 Nov, 2011

Muammar Gaddafi's son and heir has been taken prisoner, the last of the regime to fall

13 Nov, 2011

It must be true – it’s in the Sunday papers: from Grammy wars to Dame Judi’s favourite Bond