gay marriage

First gay marriages take place

One-Minute Read Sat 29 Mar, AT 08:26

Church of England drops opposition as same-sex couples tie the knot

Why French tolerate trysts, but are up in arms over gay sex

Talking Point Thu 30 Jan, AT 10:43

France was unfussed by Hollande's infidelity, but issue of same-sex relationships is a 'battleground'

Archbishop's new sympathy for gay people 'a bit rich'

First Reaction Thu 29 Aug, AT 15:05

Justin Welby tells Christians to 'repent' over the way gay and lesbian people have been treated

Wentworth Miller won't visit Russia because he's gay

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British-born star of TV's Prison Break comes out in letter declining invitation to Russian film festival

Anti-gay marriage campaigner issues Tour de France threat

First Post Thu 13 Jun, AT 12:00

Samuel Lafont says he doesn't want to disrupt cycle race but 'to be visible at every stage'

Jane Lynch seeks gay divorce but lawyers shouldn't crow

Wed 12 Jun, AT 08:17 Charles Laurence

Lynch and Lara Embry were among first celebrity gays to get married. Now they've hit splitsville

Think same-sex marriage is divisive in UK? Look at France

First Post Thu 23 May, AT 12:02

Tensions heighten after suicide of far-right historian Dominique Venner at altar of Notre Dame cathedral