Gay marriage

Prime Minister plans to 'export' same-sex marriage

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Thu 25 Jul, AT 12:01

David Cameron proud to legalise gay marriage but insists there is 'still a lot more work to be done'

Anti-gay marriage campaigner issues Tour de France threat

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Thu 13 Jun, AT 12:00

Samuel Lafont says he doesn't want to disrupt cycle race but 'to be visible at every stage'

Jane Lynch seeks gay divorce but lawyers shouldn't crow

Wed 12 Jun, AT 08:17
Charles Laurence

Lynch and Lara Embry were among first celebrity gays to get married. Now they've hit splitsville

Think same-sex marriage is divisive in UK? Look at France

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Thu 23 May, AT 12:02

Tensions heighten after suicide of far-right historian Dominique Venner at altar of Notre Dame cathedral

Norman Tebbit on gay marriage: What next? A lesbian queen?

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Tue 21 May, AT 13:52

Former Tory chairman says Cameron has made a hash of gay marriage, pushing Tories to quit for UKIP

Gay marriage

MPs to approve gay marriage bill after Tory revolt fails

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Tue 21 May, AT 09:52

Labour proposal saves same-sex marriage bill but Tory opponents vow to continue fight in Lords