Think same-sex marriage is divisive in UK? Look at France

First Post Thu 23 May, AT 12:02

Tensions heighten after suicide of far-right historian Dominique Venner at altar of Notre Dame cathedral

Norman Tebbit on gay marriage: What next? A lesbian queen?

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Former Tory chairman says Cameron has made a hash of gay marriage, pushing Tories to quit for UKIP

Crispin Black

Cameron and Palace should show the Pope more respect

Thu 21 Mar, AT 09:14 Crispin Black

The press, too, has been ungenerous, highlighting his Falklands remarks. What else could he have said?

Pope Francis: why critics say he's the wrong man for the job

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He's been hailed as the man to reform the Church, but not everyone approves of Jorge Mario Bergoglio

Robert Fox

Why there's apprehension and joy at Pope Francis's election

Thu 14 Mar, AT 07:30 Robert Fox

If he can't make the Catholic Church and its practices fit for our times, his papacy will be an irrelevance

What marriage means to Clare Balding and Alice Arnold

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'David Cameron will not be vilified for this defining moment,' says Arnold – 'he will be celebrated'

Cameron must take the blame for Tory split over gay marriage

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PM brought 'humiliating rebuff' upon himself, but surely he was right to move with the times