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Gay marriage

Cameron must take the blame for Tory split over gay marriage

Talking Point
Wed 6 Feb, AT 09:13

PM brought 'humiliating rebuff' upon himself, but surely he was right to move with the times

Ex-Telegraph editor provokes gay marriage storm

First Reaction
Tue 5 Feb, AT 14:00

Charles Moore accused of being 'provocative' and 'nasty' with his remarks on gay marriage

Gay marriage

Tory big guns in last-ditch plea to stop gay marriage revolt

One-Minute Read
Tue 5 Feb, AT 09:53

Osborne, May and Hague send letter in favour of same sex unions as MPs prepare to vote

Huhne by-election a nightmare for Cameron's divided Tories

Tue 5 Feb, AT 09:21
The Mole

The PM knows that the drumbeats for a change of leader will get louder if he loses Eastleigh again


Gay Tory 'outing threat' exposes split over same-sex marriage

Mon 4 Feb, AT 08:48
The Mole

Two Conservative journalists talk of threat to 'out' secretly gay Tories who vote against modernisation

Obama: first president to use word 'gay' in inaugural address

First Reaction
Tue 22 Jan, AT 10:48

President makes gay rights paramount as many welcome surprisingly liberal second-term agenda

Gay marriage protest shows France plagued by self-doubt

First Post
Mon 14 Jan, AT 14:42

The majority of protesters were white, bourgeois and unable to accept that France must change

Stephen Fry

BBC 'needs more gay hosts and less homophobia'

One-Minute Read
Fri 14 Dec, AT 14:25

Study produced for BBC says drama, news and even children's TV needs more homosexual content


The fateful story of Maria Miller, scourge of the Tory heartlands

Wed 12 Dec, AT 09:32
The Mole

How Cameron's Culture Secretary found herself at centre of gay marriage fiasco and Leveson fallout