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Gaza Strip

Rachel Corrie: accidental death verdict a blow to campaigners

First Reaction
Tue 28 Aug, AT 11:22

Israeli judge rules that pro-Palestinian activist’s death beneath an army bulldozer was an accident

Egypt-Israel peace treaty 'must be revised' to stop Sinai terror

First Reaction
Wed 8 Aug, AT 10:48

Upsurge in Islamist violence in supposedly demilitarised Sinai desert is a tricky issue for old enemies

Fatah Hamas unity deal

Why are Fatah and Hamas suddenly uniting?

Thu 28 Apr, AT 17:09
Venetia Rainey

Briefing: The rival Palestinian parties have surprised observers by striking a unity deal

Vittorio Arrigoni murdered Gaza

Why would anyone want to kill Vittorio Arrigoni?

Fri 15 Apr, AT 19:33
Venetia Rainey

Venetia Rainey reports on the brutal killing by Gaza extremists of a genuine friend of Palestinians

Israel Defence Force in Gaza

Two Israeli soldiers ‘take fall’ for Gaza offensive

Mon 4 Oct, AT 08:26

IDF soldiers convicted of using Palestinian boy as human shield - but senior officers escape charges