Gaza: Israelis will not tolerate casualties

News Sun 4 Jan, AT 00:00

The promise to bring all their soldiers home hampers Israeli war tactics and makes the invasion of Gaza a huge political risk

The war of the poor

News Fri 2 Jan, AT 00:00

The Israeli town of Netivot was attacked by Hamas missiles this week. Igal Sarna meets the moderate immigrants now filled with a lust for revenge

Israel, Gaza and the US: what will Obama do?

Fri 2 Jan, AT 00:00 Alexander Cockburn

Israel’s current crop of leaders are second-raters, and conditions ripe for a forceful push from the US

Gaza: Qassam attacks had to be answered

News Wed 31 Dec, AT 00:00

Israel has the unimpeachable right to defend its citizens in the firing line. To demand that it should refrain from doing so is callous and cruel

Gaza: Don’t be fooled by Israel’s shocking crime

News Wed 31 Dec, AT 00:00

By condoning this assault, Western governments are once again colluding with Israeli atrocities and inviting further atrocities in the future