Charles Laurence
14 Aug, 2014

As Clinton pledges support for Israel, Generation Millennial more likely to sympathise with Hamas

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07 Aug, 2014

The Jews should have been offered a homeland in Franconia, with Jerusalem a place of pilgrimage

The offending blogger Rachel Weinstein
04 Aug, 2014

Author complains Gaza conflict is making her fat a week after paper described genocide as 'permissible'

31 Jul, 2014

'Our problem is not with the Jews,' said the Palestinian refugee, 'but with the Israeli government and army'

29 Jul, 2014

Follow these five people on Twitter for compelling – and sometimes graphic – insights into the conflict in Gaza

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England batsman sports messages on bracelets- are they political or humanitarian?

25 Jul, 2014

Three things you should know before writing off Hamas as just a violent terrorist organisation