Smoke billows from Gaza City following Israeli military shelling
23 Jul, 2014

Al Jazeera says Israel was behind 'targeted shots' but IDF denies responsibility

MP David Ward
23 Jul, 2014

Lib Dem MP David Ward faces disciplinary proceedings for 'vile' social media comment on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israeli military planes fly over flags
23 Jul, 2014

US and European airlines cancel flights to Tel Aviv after rocket lands one mile from Ben Gurion airport

A pro-Palestinian protester throws a projectile at a French police officer
22 Jul, 2014

More demonstrations planned after anti-Jewish violence mars Gaza protests

Israeli troops with artillery shells waiting to be fired into Gaza
21 Jul, 2014

Israel accused of using imprecise 'flechette shells', which shower a target with tiny steel darts

IDF Instagram photo from February
21 Jul, 2014

Another old photo causes outrage on social media – so how reliable are the #GazaUnderAttack images?

Social media: creating propaganda in the Israel-Palestine conflict?
18 Jul, 2014

Israelis and Palestinians wage an online war of information, but is it just a 'minefield of propaganda'?

Israeli soldiers walk to their deployment area on the border with Gaza
18 Jul, 2014

Defeat of Hamas may be off the cards, but Israel hopes to achieve a more limited victory

17 Jul, 2014

Bombing Gaza is like handing Popeye a can of spinach - it won't weaken Hamas, only make it stronger

Palestinians carry the body of Mohammad Deif
20 Aug, 2014

Wife and child of Hamas leader Mohammed Deif hit by Israeli airstrikes after truce breaks down