Vittorio Arrigoni murdered Gaza
15 Apr, 2011

Venetia Rainey reports on the brutal killing by Gaza extremists of a genuine friend of Palestinians

Israel Defence Force in Gaza
04 Oct, 2010

IDF soldiers convicted of using Palestinian boy as human shield - but senior officers escape charges

Israel Gaza blockade protest
18 Jun, 2010

It's not enough to satisfy foreign opinion - but it's quite sufficient from most Israelis' point of view

07 Jun, 2010

Israeli attack on boat off Gaza coast heightens tension, already at boiling point

02 Jun, 2010

Flotilla crisis: Cairo reopens Gaza border but continues its underground wall

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
19 Mar, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: Fear of the Israel lobby means Obama and Clinton’s hands are tied

Civilians in Gaza
03 Feb, 2010

‘Zero risk’ policy for IDF put Palestinian lives at risk in Gaza, Israeli commander admits