Israel Gaza blockade protest
One-Minute Read
18 Jun, 2010

It's not enough to satisfy foreign opinion - but it's quite sufficient from most Israelis' point of view

One-Minute Read
07 Jun, 2010

Israeli attack on boat off Gaza coast heightens tension, already at boiling point

One-Minute Read
02 Jun, 2010

Flotilla crisis: Cairo reopens Gaza border but continues its underground wall

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama
19 Mar, 2010

Alexander Cockburn: Fear of the Israel lobby means Obama and Clinton’s hands are tied

Civilians in Gaza
One-Minute Read
03 Feb, 2010

‘Zero risk’ policy for IDF put Palestinian lives at risk in Gaza, Israeli commander admits

white phosphorus attack on the Gaza Strip
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01 Feb, 2010

A year after Gaza, Israel says two officers have been disciplined. But is two enough?

Tzipi Livni
One-Minute Read
15 Dec, 2009

If Livni had come to London on Sunday, she could have been arrested over Gaza war crimes