white phosphorus attack on the Gaza Strip
01 Feb, 2010

A year after Gaza, Israel says two officers have been disciplined. But is two enough?

Tzipi Livni
15 Dec, 2009

If Livni had come to London on Sunday, she could have been arrested over Gaza war crimes

16 Feb, 2009

Gaza could have been a ‘Dubai on the Mediterranean’ with its huge gas reserves if Hamas had not been frozen out of a deal

06 Feb, 2009

The people were most affected by Israel’s 1982 invasion, as documented in the Oscar-nominated film, are unable to view it in their own country

05 Feb, 2009

The ultra-right-wing tough-talking ex-bouncer could force his way into Israel’s government

27 Jan, 2009

If the protesting luvvies really wanted to make a point about Gaza, they’d attack Israel and the British government

14 Jan, 2009

Israel’s ban on journalists in the Gaza Strip has led to skewed information on both sides in the crisis