General Election


Has Cameron done a 'Granita deal' with Boris Johnson?

Tue 9 Oct, AT 10:16
The Mole

PM laughs at Naughtie's suggestion that he should post Johnson abroad – but refuses to stamp Boris out


Can Boris bandwagon roll all the way to No 10? Don't bet on it

Tue 11 Sep, AT 10:12
The Mole

Boris for PM euphoria will be short-lived because he doesn't have enough friends in the Tory party

George Galloway won because his politics are truly popular

Point of View
Tue 3 Apr, AT 12:57

And unlike their parents, young (jobless) voters have no lingering loyalty to the Big Three parties

Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown ‘wanted to stand down within a year’

Wed 19 May, AT 10:23

Number Ten aide says former PM knew his weaknesses and was talked out of promising to resign

Cabinet update: Theresa May is surprise Home Sec

Wed 12 May, AT 14:29
The Mole

The Mole: Cameron’s new Cabinet postings reviewed as they come in...

Coalition Cabinet: who will Cameron have to sacrifice?

Wed 12 May, AT 12:36
The Mole

The Mole: Clegg will be deputy. But who’s his role model? Harriet Harman? Surely not!