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General Sir David Richards

Columnist Crispin Black

Afghan War inquiry: generals owe us an explanation

Tue 11 Nov, AT 09:10
Crispin Black

There is no point in having armed forces that keep on getting beaten – however gallantly they performed

Philip Hammond

Minister wants Armed Forces to get Health, Education cash

One-Minute Read
Mon 29 Apr, AT 10:59

Philip Hammond wants to redirect up to £500m from Health and Education to prop up cash-strapped forces

Crispin Black

Chemical weapons threat does not justify UK going into Syria

Wed 5 Dec, AT 09:57
Crispin Black

Gen Richards can't think of a military reason why the British Army shouldn't go in. Well, some of us can...

Why the British Army has been so keen to stay in Afghanistan

Mon 19 Mar, AT 07:49
Crispin Black

Active service for young soldiers, gongs for the generals: no wonder the Army is slow to get out