George Galloway

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08 May, 2015

Sole Respect MP George Galloway loses seat and faces allegations that he broke election law

Zac Goldsmith and Sol Campbell
News Hub
09 Jun, 2015

Tories were said to be after a high-profile candidate to take on Labour and replace Boris Johnson as London mayor

10 Apr, 2013

Gordon Brown had a good excuse and sent his wife; Ronnie Campbell would rather have been in a 'torture chamber'

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09 Apr, 2013

Revellers in Glasgow and Brixton marked the former PM's passing with champagne, party hats and chants

In Depth
08 Mar, 2013

Sean Penn and Oliver Stone expected to join world leaders in Caracas for 'vast, clamorous' funeral

George Galloway wins Bradford West
21 Feb, 2013

MP accused of 'racism' after storming out of Oxford debate; he says he is boycotting Israel

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28 Aug, 2012

Bradford West MP presents fortnightly show for al-Mayadeen, allegedly funded by Syria and Iran

22 Aug, 2012

Opinion Digest: male politicians' rape failure and why we have no right to condemn Russian justice

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21 Aug, 2012

Controversial MP wades into diplomatic row as Correa tells UK not to violate embassy