George Harrison

Six Ravi Shankar stories that don't feature the Beatles

Wed 12 Dec, AT 10:33

He's famous as the man who taught George Harrison to play sitar, but that's only part of the story


While Nick Clegg looks smug Cameron faces a taxing week

Mon 19 Mar, AT 13:52
The Mole

Closing loopholes for the rich will raise millions – but billions are needed to get Britain back to work

George Harrison

Scorsese reveals Beatle Harrison as ‘red-blooded’

Mon 5 Sep, AT 17:05

New documentary set to correct misconceptions about the ‘quiet’ Beatle

Beatles Rock Band

John, Paul, George - Bingo!

Tue 8 Sep, AT 17:53

Amid much media hype, the video game ‘The Beatles - Rock Band’ is launched today. But is it any good?