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Mark Hamill Luke Skywalker Star Wars

Star Wars: Is Hamill too old for Luke Skywalker comeback?

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Fri 22 Feb, AT 13:56

Original cast in talks to return for seventh film – but fans ask if franchise is turning into 'Geriatric Wars'

Five stories about Stuart Freeborn that aren't made up

Thu 7 Feb, AT 13:42

Make-up artist who created Yoda, Chewbacca and Stanley Kubrick's apes has died at the age of 98

Disney and Star Wars join forces - disaster or golden opportunity?

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Wed 31 Oct, AT 10:38

Lucasfilm sale upsets fans but critics can see the plus side of a Star Wars without George Lucas

Star Wars stormtrooper Darth Vader

Designer beats Lucas in Star Wars rights battle

Wed 27 Jul, AT 14:40

Brit who created classic stormtrooper helmet wins fight with George Lucas over right to sell replicas

Star Wars

Star Wars goes 3D starting with Phantom Menace

Wed 29 Sep, AT 15:14

George Lucas’s plan to convert all six films to 3D provokes mixed reactions

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Watch out Paris - the rich are giving their cash away

Thu 5 Aug, AT 11:31

Pushed by Gates and Buffett, US billionaires pledge half their fortunes to charity