George Michael

Wham star George Michael

Liberty tax dodge: George Michael named in secret files

One-Minute Read
Wed 9 Jul, AT 09:22

Database leaked to The Times also names Sir Michael Caine and Katie Melua in £1.2bn Liberty tax scheme

Wham! George Michael fell out of car at 70mph says witness

One-Minute Read
Tue 21 May, AT 15:37

Singer 'lucky to be alive' after falling from Range Rover's passenger seat and dodging M1 traffic


Does Liam Gallagher have no right to go shopping in peace?

Wed 20 Mar, AT 07:00
Nigel Horne

Ex-Oasis man and Nicole Appleton pop out to the shops. Do we really need to know that, asks Nigel Horne

Kristen Stewart 'dropped from Snow White follow-up plans'

The Tabloids
Wed 15 Aug, AT 10:47

Tabloid tales: actress unlikely to appear in spin-off; George Michael tells his critics to 'f*** off'

World loves cheesy and raucous Olympics closing ceremony

Talking Point
Mon 13 Aug, AT 10:48

Germany and Australia particularly fulsome in their praise for London 2012's farewell 'epic pantomime'

What to expect at the Olympics closing ceremony on Sunday

Thu 9 Aug, AT 12:15

Spoiler alert: here’s a round-up of the performances rumoured to mark the end of Olympics 2012

Nazis plotted to kill Churchill with chocolate-coated bomb

The Tabloids
Wed 18 Jul, AT 12:07

Red top tales: British agents foiled sticky plan; ‘Del Boy’ Jordan to tout crystal-encrusted Zimmer frames

George Michael

George Michael weighs in on phone hacking scandal

Mon 11 Jul, AT 16:50

Singer complains of ‘little creeps’ in the police who helped the press get their scoops

George Michael

Michael is second ex-con bound for X Factor USA

Thu 16 Dec, AT 15:02

First Cheryl Cole now George Michael is said to be destined for Simon Cowell’s US show