George Osborne

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne

Osborne plans 'revolution' in the way England is governed

One-Minute Read
Thu 14 May, AT 09:22

Chancellor offers greater powers to cities that agree to be governed by a directly elected mayor

David Cameron and new Cabinet

New Tory Cabinet meets: what to expect in first 100 days

Tue 12 May, AT 10:13

Under new Conservative Cabinet, Queen's Speech is likely to focus on employment and childcare

Labour leader Ed Miliband with the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls

Foreign bankers warn against Labour – surprise, surprise

Thu 23 Apr, AT 10:20
The Mole

Should George Osborne really be invoking foreign investment bankers in support of a Tory victory?

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Labour to abolish non-dom tax status: how would it work?

Wed 8 Apr, AT 10:04

Ed Miliband says he would scrap the non-dom status that has become 'a symbol of tax avoidance' in the UK

The Mole

Dragon Bannatyne praises Labour ‘courage’ over non-dom change

Wed 8 Apr, AT 09:11
The Mole

Labour puts the ball in Tories’ court: will they do anything about wealthy foreigners evading tax?

Columnist Don Brind

A little glitch in the great Tory-SNP conspiracy theory

Tue 7 Apr, AT 08:05
Don Brind

Home Rule for Scotland while the Tories run England? Yes, but look at the numbers

The Mole

Tories aim to 'bury' Speaker thanks to Hague's plotting

Thu 26 Mar, AT 09:11
The Mole

Not one but two Machiavellian plots uncovered: Miliband was led into the VAT trap, it transpires

Columnist Don Brind

Cameron lucky to get second term - let alone a third

Wed 25 Mar, AT 09:20
Don Brind

Major study shows voters underwhelmed by Tory record: they don’t even see the party as being more ‘competent’

Columnist Don Brind

Labour ahead: no ‘Budget bounce for Tories’ - yet

Mon 23 Mar, AT 08:24
Don Brind

Observer jumps the gun with suggestion of Budget boost – all other polls show Labour still ahead

The Mole

Osborne’s local giveaways: blatant pork-barrel politics?

Fri 20 Mar, AT 09:49
The Mole

Labour attacks funding of local causes in marginal seats where coalition MPs are trying to save their bacon