Anders Breivik was perfectly sane in his ghastly ambition

Opinion digest Tue 17 Apr, AT 12:02

Opinion round-up: Anders Breivik trial, taxing philanthropy and the futility of voting for independents


Cameron should fear UKIP: they're stealing his voters

Opinion digest Wed 11 Apr, AT 11:53

Opinion roundup: the rise of UKIP and taxes, the end of Syria's regime and full-time retirement


How long can the PM continue to be charitable to Osborne?

Wed 11 Apr, AT 10:27 The Mole

Tories look set to retreat on philanthropy attack as yet another Budget measure turns sour


It's a bit late to be 'shocked' by millionaires' tax dodges, George

Tue 10 Apr, AT 09:20 The Mole

Or is the Chancellor softening us up for a US-style rule making tax avoidance a new offence?


Tebbit and Montgomery turn on the 'government of chums'

Tue 3 Apr, AT 11:55 The Mole

The 'blue on blue' attacks keep coming: first Tebbit on 'chums', now Tim Montgomery's 'four wrongs'


On the jobs front, women's rights are going backwards

Opinion digest Tue 3 Apr, AT 10:54

Opinion Digest: we need a strategy to help women stay in work – and the Quad needs scrutiny


Cameron slaps down David Davis's Downton Abbey putsch

Mon 2 Apr, AT 12:37 The Mole

Servants will not be taking charge of the Conservative Party despite resentment at 'Lord Snooty and his pals'


We need to talk about Twitter, not punish idiot tweeters

Opinion digest Thu 29 Mar, AT 14:32

Opinion digest: Twitter crime, coalition leaks, Cameron cronyism and the demonisation of children


Fireman Mike gets 'man of the people' role as No 10 panics

Thu 29 Mar, AT 14:02 The Mole

The gaffes keep coming as Sun's Marie Antoinette campaign gets under David Cameron's skin