2015 election campaign starts here with Autumn Statement

Thu 5 Dec, AT 14:26 The Mole

With growth forecasts revised up and room for tax cuts in 2015, George Osborne starts electioneering

George Osborne Autumn Statement speech

Autumn Statement: Osborne targets tax evaders and school-leavers

Briefing Thu 5 Dec, AT 13:01

HMRC to rake in £9bn from tax evaders, while school leavers won't be able to go on the dole

Don Brind

Why UK's economic recovery fails to lift Tory poll fortunes

Mon 2 Dec, AT 11:15 Don Brind

Polling shows that being told the economy is improving is not enough - voters need to feel it

Ed Miliband

Energy bills: Labour slams 'smoke and mirrors' plan

One-Minute Read Mon 2 Dec, AT 09:12

Government's 'cosy deal' with energy firms will not keep bills down, says Labour leader Ed Miliband


Co-op smear campaign puts political 'drugs truce' at risk

Mon 25 Nov, AT 11:14 The Mole

Osborne continues to rub Miliband's nose in Co-op cocaine scandal, despite warnings it could backfire

Wonga logo

Payday loans: Wonga and co face cap on interest rates

One-Minute Read Mon 25 Nov, AT 09:18

Payday lenders will be forced to rein in 5,000 per cent interest rates in new crackdown

'Toffs are still running Britain': what’s John Major up to?

Mon 11 Nov, AT 10:01 The Mole

Former PM speaks again – this time to stand up for the working-class Tories Cameron risks losing


Universal Credit fiasco: can Duncan Smith save his skin?

Thu 7 Nov, AT 08:48 The Mole

George Osborne said IDS wasn't clever enough: waste of millions of pounds suggests he was right


Cameron attends Murdoch clan birthday despite Brooks trial

Tue 5 Nov, AT 10:59 The Mole

Eyebrows raised all round as Matthew Freud admits Cameron was there - having at first said he wasn’t

Osborne set to impose CGT on foreign property buyers

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Nov, AT 10:53

Chancellor to combat London house price bubble with new tax reform