George W Bush

21 Apr, 2015

The investigation into Britain's military involvement in Iraq is 'unlikely' to be published before 2016

Former Florida Republican Governor Jeb Bush
17 Dec, 2014

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush says he plans to seek the office previously held by both his brother and his father

Barack Obama announced executive actions in the US
21 Nov, 2014

Republicans say Obama's immigration rules are illegal and should be overturned, but executive orders have a long history

Robert Fox
28 Aug, 2014

Can 'coalition of the willing' come together to deal with Islamic State? Not if Cameron can help it

10 Dec, 2013

Too many leaders claim solidarity with Mandela's struggle, but don't tolerate dissent, says US president

George Bush; Tony Blair
19 Mar, 2013

How did we fall for it? Why were the sceptics ignored? And is it about to happen all over again in Syria?

19 Mar, 2013

New analysis by Financial Times shows scale of profits made by contractors during conflict

08 Jan, 2013

Republicans loathe Hagel, Democrats distrust Brennan, liberals loves Prof Krugman. But he's not interested

07 Nov, 2012

Jonathan Yeo’s portrait has failed to provoke the public shock he was preparing himself for