Gerard Depardieu

09 Jun, 2015

Self-congratulatory Fifa propaganda film damned by critics and shunned by audiences

07 Jan, 2013

Russian region of Mordovia offers French actor a choice of apartments, felt boots and two kittens

20 Dec, 2012

Lee's dazzling movie of Yann Martel's best-selling novel leaves the film critics in awe

30 Nov, 2012

Tabloid tales: Internet loves Tulisa, Cowell wants Cheryl to save X Factor, bacon-scented shaving cream

Gerard Depardieu
09 Nov, 2012

President Hollande blamed for driving out a ‘national treasure’ with planned 75 per cent top tax rate

31 Aug, 2012

A film starring Gerard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani joins a string of projects inspired by the sex scandal

16 Mar, 2012

Red top tales: reptiles to be blasted into space, stable lad wins £1m

Gerard Depardieu
14 Sep, 2011

Gerard Depardieu has given his own account of the embarrassing case of the overflowing bottle

Gerard Depardieu
18 Aug, 2011

Gerard Depardieu, unable to hold it in, uses an inadequately sized Evian bottle