Crispin Black

Dyson's brush with Bosch 'spy': Germans make lousy spooks

Fri 26 Oct, AT 08:21
Crispin Black

Right back to World War Two, Britain has always had a knack for catching Germany's intelligence efforts

ash tree

Ash dieback: the end of British woodlands as we know them?

Thu 25 Oct, AT 16:09

Deadly fungus that killed 90 per cent of ash trees in Denmark is being dubbed the new Dutch elm disease

Twitter school

Twitter ban on neo-Nazi site backfires in Germany

First Post
Thu 18 Oct, AT 15:47

Social networking site uses censorship powers for first time – but publicity brings more followers

Per Mertesacker Germany and Arsenal

Mertesacker and Podolski join Arsenal's 4-4 kamikaze club

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Wed 17 Oct, AT 11:38

But there is cause for celebration as Olivier Giroud proves he can score with late France goal

German court says yes to euro bailout, but this crisis isn’t over

First Reaction
Wed 12 Sep, AT 14:34

Euro bailout fund gets the go-ahead, but judges put limit on Germany’s contribution

ECB Debt plan: 'No delay' from German court

Business Digest
Tue 11 Sep, AT 08:21

Germany’s constitutional court says it will not delay ruling on legality of ECB’s plan to end debt crisis

Richard Ehrman

You have to admire Draghi, but this won’t save the useless euro

Fri 7 Sep, AT 08:41
Richard Ehrman

If the eurozone is to be saved, it will have to be by its political leaders - not its central bankers

Christ-on-cross cartoon provokes Christian outrage

One-Minute Read
Thu 23 Aug, AT 12:17

Anger from Germany's faithful after Kassell museum uses 'blasphemous' cartoon in poster

Richard Ehrman

Can Greece remain in Europe? This could be make-or-break week

Wed 22 Aug, AT 07:57
Richard Ehrman

Greek doctors unpaid, hospitals without hot water – but will it cut any ice with German’s Angela Merkel? Unlikely