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Gilad Shalit release

Saudi prince puts up $1m bounty for 'next Gilad Shalit'

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Mon 31 Oct, AT 13:17

Bounty war hots up after settlers pledge 100k to anyone killing a freed Palestinian prisoner

Gilad Shalit

‘Kidnapping the key’, say Palestinian fighters

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Wed 19 Oct, AT 18:56

Palestinian resistance factions believe the Shalit deal has shown the way forward

Gilad Shalit

Amid joy and anger, Shalit prisoner swap underway

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Tue 18 Oct, AT 11:50

After five years in captivity, young soldier comes home – but at what cost, ask angry Israelis

Gilad Shalit

Palestinians drive hard bargain for Shalit release

Wed 12 Oct, AT 16:58

News Analysis: Hamas may have got the better of the deal which allowed Gilad Shalit to return home

Gilad Shalit

Why Gilad Shalit’s release is so important to Israelis

Wed 12 Oct, AT 12:28

The soldier whose freedom after five years in captivity was worth releasing 1,000 Palestinian prisoners