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Owen Paterson backs GM food, saying fears are 'humbug'

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Mon 10 Dec, AT 13:22

Environment Secretary's backing for GM food paves way for relaxed controls in Britain


Green Party's anti-GM stance is just kneejerk technophobia

Opinion digest
Fri 25 May, AT 11:07

Opinion digest: the Green's GM problem, prisoner voting, and America's attack on privacy

Wheat, GM crops

GM wheat scientists ask cereal killers to spare crops

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Wed 2 May, AT 14:43

Researchers at Rothamsted say their genetically modified wheat could help the poor and the environment

Saab files for bankruptcy as GM vetoes China sale

One-Minute Read
Mon 19 Dec, AT 11:02

No chance of deal as General Motors refuses to allow Chinese company to license key technologies