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Birdwatchers angry as viral video is exposed as hoax

Talking Point
Thu 20 Dec, AT 10:33

Montreal film students come clean and admit making spoof video using 3D animation

Golden eagle takes toddler for a ride - video

Wed 19 Dec, AT 12:04

Massive bird swoops on child in a Montreal park, but are we falling prey to a hoax?

drunk businessman on London Underground escalator

'Drunk' businessman takes on Tube escalator - video

Wed 14 Nov, AT 13:41

Footage of a traveller walking the wrong way down a London Underground escalator goes viral

Brazilian model Nana ridiculed for Sandy devastation poses

One-Minute Read
Fri 2 Nov, AT 09:02

Nana Gouvea's cringe-worthy poses amid scenes of New York chaos make her an internet celebrity

Burst water main creates 250ft geyser in Melbourne – video

Mon 29 Oct, AT 16:16

Houses damaged as burst pipe sends water rocketing to the height of a 13-story building

Video: Bodyform reveals 'truth about periods' in genius viral hit

Wed 17 Oct, AT 15:09

Facebook rant from disillusioned boyfriend prompts Bodyform to create a spoof YouTube video

Cleveland bus driver caught on video thumping girl in the face

Fri 12 Oct, AT 13:00

Bus driver suspended after giving mouthy female passenger an uppercut to the jaw

Ohio State’s marching band video game show goes viral

Wed 10 Oct, AT 14:12

Band recreates scenes from arcade classics such as Tetris, Super Mario Brothers and Pokemon

Skateboarder crashes into deer at 40mph - video

Mon 1 Oct, AT 15:32

High-speed hazard downs extreme sportsman as he collides with animal while skating downhill

NYPD shoot homeless man's dog

New York cop shoots dog as it guards stricken owner - video

Thu 16 Aug, AT 15:12

Graphic video shows police officer firing on pit bull as it rushed him