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Going viral

US Apache helicopter crash

US Apache helicopter crash caught on video

Thu 22 Mar, AT 13:08

Nobody was seriously hurt in the incident, which the US Army is investigating

Jean Dujardin

Dujardin sketch proves he's even funny when he talks

Tue 21 Feb, AT 15:58

Star of the moment and Oscar hopeful performs for American comedy website

John Prescott

Prescott makes good on bet and channels Fats Waller

Thu 16 Feb, AT 15:54

John Prescott posts jazz club video to celebrate Health Bill petition reaching 100,000 signatures

Vladimir Putin

Spoof video of Putin on trial is YouTube hit in Russia

Wed 15 Feb, AT 15:49

Doctored video showing prime minister in courtroom has gone viral ahead of presidential elections

American father destroys teenager's laptop with gun

Tue 14 Feb, AT 11:56

'This right here is my .45' says Dad, before firing nine rounds into his daughter's computer

Cat invades Anfield pitch as football turns furball

Tue 7 Feb, AT 14:00

Four-legged streaker finds Twitter fame after impromptu Premier League debut at Anfield

Hungry musician sings his order into drive-through mic

Wed 1 Feb, AT 15:03

Talented performer charms restaurant staff as he delivers his order in ballad form (video)

Zoe Thomson

Schoolgirl wows musicians with Stratovarius guitar video

Mon 30 Jan, AT 13:38

An eight-year-old guitarist attracts more than two million hits with Stratosphere rehearsal clip

Shopkeeper fends off machete-wielding robber with mop

Wed 25 Jan, AT 15:15

Northants man and his son see off three masked men with a mop and a hockey stick

Dog survives after lead gets caught in lift

Tue 24 Jan, AT 15:21

Hapless pet owner gives himself and his dog a fright as his blunder is caught on CCTV (with video)