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going viral

Russian man's kitchen parkour ends in disaster - video

Mon 6 Aug, AT 13:30

Russian destroys his kitchen while attempting Olympian feats of gymnastics

Boris Johnson stuck on a zip wire prompts internet storm

First Post
Wed 1 Aug, AT 16:34

Dangling mayor makes an appearance on Prometheus, Big Ben and the women's gymnastics

Boris Johnson’s odd Olympic welcome goes viral - video

Tue 24 Jul, AT 13:19

'Mash-up' of London Mayor proves a hit on YouTube on eve of London Games

Boat escapes 'iceberg tsunami' in Greenland - video

Mon 23 Jul, AT 14:22

Enormous iceberg crashes into the sea, and waves nearly engulf nearby boat

Woman on motorcycle narrowly avoids being run over (Video)

Fri 20 Jul, AT 14:36

Chinese woman jumps traffic light straight into lorry's path but escapes unharmed

Leaping bull shark shocks woman as it steals fish (video)

Tue 17 Jul, AT 15:17

Family in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina surprised at the extra large catch on the end of their line

Bear brawl in Florida

Black bears brawl outside Florida home - video

Mon 25 Jun, AT 14:11

Having bears wrestling in the front garden is like 'living in a zoo' says home-owner

Karen Klein

$500,000 raised for grandma Karen Klein after video abuse

Fri 22 Jun, AT 14:30

A video viral showing 68-year-old Karen Klein being tormented by children sparked outrage and support

Clerk giving spanking

Shopkeeper spanks thief who tried to rob him - video

Tue 19 Jun, AT 15:08

An armed robbery ends in farce after the shopkeeper spanks one of the thieves on the bottom


Grandma throws glass of Pimm's in bride’s face - video

Mon 18 Jun, AT 12:49

A clip of a grandma confusing a glass of Pimm's for confetti is an internet hit