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going viral

Cheers as tot sings 'Ain't no homos gonna make it to heaven'

Thu 31 May, AT 13:21

Church flooded with death threats after video of toddler's homophobic song goes on YouTube

Amazing basketball shot from Armands Šķēle

'Impossible' three-point shot stuns Latvian basketball crowd

Thu 26 Apr, AT 15:59

Video captures Armands Šķēle's amazing overhead throw from the half-way line goes in play-off match

Ashley Young

Ashley Young diving row goes global thanks to NMA video

Wed 18 Apr, AT 15:50

A comedy cartoon of the Manchester United winger learning to dive has gone viral on YouTube

Tupac Shakur hologram

Video of Tupac hologram gig stuns music fans

Mon 16 Apr, AT 11:49

Snoop Dogg duets at Coachella with a hologram of Tupac, who died in 1996

Woman crashes car into bowling alley

Video shows jilted woman crashing ex's car into bowling alley

Fri 13 Apr, AT 15:03

A woman dumped on Facebook has escaped jail after smashing up her lover's car in a drunken rage

Paddy Powers's 'Tranquilise a chav' ad is YouTube hit

Tue 28 Feb, AT 11:45

Controversial bookmaker delivers another commercial too shocking for TV

Russia's virgin voters urged to love Putin in creepy election ad

Wed 29 Feb, AT 12:49

Weird ad features a young girl visiting a fortune teller for advice on her 'first time'

Fatal Rio building collapse captured on CCTV

Fri 27 Jan, AT 12:56

Video shows pedestrian panic at accident that killed at least seven and leaves 20 missing

UCLA marriage proposal goes wrong on camera

Marriage proposal fail on 'Mistletoe Cam' goes viral

Thu 5 Jan, AT 15:00

Romantic gesture at basketball match backfires and becomes an internet hit