Golden Globes

Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine waltzes into Downton Abbey as Cora's mom

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Tue 31 Jan, AT 10:40

Oscar-winning MacLaine joins the cast for a third series as Americans 'go nuts' for the period drama

Stars quake with fear as Ricky Gervais hosts Golden Globes

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Sun 15 Jan, AT 11:03

But will the British comic repeat his celeb-baiting act, or tone it down a little this year?

Golden Globes shortlist 'a red rag' to bullish Ricky Gervais

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Fri 16 Dec, AT 14:38

Organisers appear to have put 'red carpet power' ahead of movie magic in their choice of nominees

Hollywood divided as Gervais returns to Golden Globes

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Thu 17 Nov, AT 10:29

Organisers take a risk after one Tinseltown A-lister threatened to boycott awards if Gervais came back

Ricky Gervais

Gervais plans alternative Golden Globes podcast

Mon 12 Sep, AT 16:53

After two years hosting awards comic wants to run live podcast with Jon Stewart, Larry David and ‘chums’

Gervais upsets Hollywood celebs at Golden Globes

Mon 17 Jan, AT 10:20

Robert Downey Jr hits back onstage, while viewers wonder why host Gervais disappeared for an hour

Colin Firth wins Golden Globe

Firth wins Golden Globe - but what chance an Oscar?

Mon 17 Jan, AT 07:13

Academy members could be swayed by smear campaign about George VI’s thoughts on Jewish emigration