Golden Globes

Shirley MacLaine
31 Jan, 2012

Oscar-winning MacLaine joins the cast for a third series as Americans 'go nuts' for the period drama

15 Jan, 2012

But will the British comic repeat his celeb-baiting act, or tone it down a little this year?

16 Dec, 2011

Organisers appear to have put 'red carpet power' ahead of movie magic in their choice of nominees

17 Nov, 2011

Organisers take a risk after one Tinseltown A-lister threatened to boycott awards if Gervais came back

Ricky Gervais
12 Sep, 2011

After two years hosting awards comic wants to run live podcast with Jon Stewart, Larry David and ‘chums’

17 Jan, 2011

Robert Downey Jr hits back onstage, while viewers wonder why host Gervais disappeared for an hour

Colin Firth wins Golden Globe
17 Jan, 2011

Academy members could be swayed by smear campaign about George VI’s thoughts on Jewish emigration

Colin FIrth
14 Jan, 2011

Golden Globe this Sunday would get the Oscar buzz going for Mr Darcy