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Five suggestions for Mark Carney on first day at BoE

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Card Factory 'going for £700m stock market float'

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Budget greeting card shop started by husband and wife in the back of a van could go for multi-million IPO

Goldman Sachs: EU exit would be loss/loss scenario

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'It is likely that the loss would be greater for the UK than for the EU'

Warren Buffett joins Goldman Sachs top shareholders

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Sage of Omaha recently told Bloomberg out banking system 'in best shape in recent memory'

Goldman Sachs bonuses delayed 'to exploit tax cut'

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But most banks will not delay, fearful of public backlash against tax avoidance

The case against Carney: is ex-Goldman Sachs man tainted?

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Dissenters say Carney at the Bank of England means its business as usual for the City

Sandy clean-up gives GDP a boost

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Superstorm Sandy's impact will reduce US GDP in the fourth quarter, but reconstruction efforts will see it boosted in early 2013