Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs exec slams ‘toxic’ bank in resignation letter

First Post Wed 14 Mar, AT 10:52

‘If you make enough money and are not an axe murderer you will be promoted,’ says ‘Jerry Maguire’ of Goldman

Cash-in-hand payments 'diddle' the country, says top taxman

One-Minute Read Fri 27 Jan, AT 10:58

Dave Hartnett, who was criticised for 'sweetheart' deals with Vodafone and Goldman, sets his sights on tradesmen

China topples United States in smartphone market

One-Minute Read Wed 23 Nov, AT 12:20

Goldman's predictions of China's world dominance have already come true in the smartphone market

Leading economist sets the date for Chinese takeover

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Jim O'Neill tells European countries to make way in G7 for rising BRIC economies

Have we handed Europe to Goldman Sachs and Co?

Talking Point Mon 14 Nov, AT 12:41

As technocrats take charge of Italy and Greece, is the financial world trying to run Europe?

Goldman Sachs

HMRC let Goldman Sachs off £10m bill

News Wed 12 Oct, AT 10:50

Business digest: Tax authority’s Dave Hartnett personally shook hands on deal