Goldman Sachs

Parthenon Athens Greece
15 Feb, 2010

Helping the Greeks borrow, Goldman earned $300m in fees for just one transaction

21 Dec, 2009

The First Post’s super-quick catch-up on the post-weekend talking points

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO
03 Dec, 2009

US bank's justification comes as RBS directors threaten to quit over block on bonuses

Alice Schroeder; Warren Buffett
02 Dec, 2009

Bloomberg columnist Alice Schroeder claims senior bankers are seeking pistol permits

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO
18 Nov, 2009

Goldman Sachs CEO must be thinking: why pay out good money if a big ‘sorry’ will do?

A patient receives a swine flu vaccination
06 Nov, 2009

Goldman Sachs has been criticised for vaccinating its employees against swine flu despite a national shortage

Guillotine the rich
27 Oct, 2009

Or is the populist fever not as fierce as commentators say, asks Alexander Cockburn

Goldman Sachs
16 Oct, 2009

Only a year after bank’s near-collapse, rewards at Goldman Sachs could beat the 2007 all-time record

15 Oct, 2009

Goldman Sachs’s European chief Michael Sherwood and his colleagues are in line for a fabulous payout

Annie Leibovitz
18 Aug, 2009

The celebrated Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone photographer is hoping the investment bank will give her time to sort our her financial affairs