Lloyd Blankfein

Should Lloyd Blankfein have his wings clipped?

News Tue 27 Apr, AT 16:25

Goldman Sachs CEO goes before Senate, with some saying it could be time to reduce his influence

Goldman Sachs

Goldman talks up losses as fraud probe reaches Senate

News Mon 26 Apr, AT 10:49

Goldman Sachs says it lost money during the financial crisis after all in bid to quash fraud allegations

Pound and Euro

UK GDP up as Goldman votes for hung parliament

News Fri 23 Apr, AT 12:05

Robust GDP figures and Goldman Sachs’ advice to buy pound suggest a hung parliament holds no fear

Wall Street

IMF plans radical bank tax to fund future bailouts

News Wed 21 Apr, AT 08:29

New levies could cost sector $2 trillion. But will they result in more risk-taking?

Lloyd Blankfein Goldman Sachs

Timing of Goldman fraud charge highly political

News Tue 20 Apr, AT 08:35

Goldman Sachs firestorm intensifies as Obama plans ‘urgent regulation’ speech