Goldman Sachs

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO
04 Aug, 2009

As bankers once again receive huge bonuses, Goldman chief executive Lloyd Blankfein has cautioned his staff not to flaunt their riches to an angry public

15 Jul, 2009

As profits at the Wall Street firm leapfrog expectations its employees are expected to trouser bumper pay packets this year

13 Jul, 2009

Influential analyst Meredith Whitney has caused a stock market rally by advising clients to buy Goldman Sachs shares

20 Mar, 2009

The president is dancing on the edge of a volcano with denials of knowledge about bonuses at AIG – and he’s already been burned

29 Sep, 2008

The AIG rescue raises questions about Goldman Sachs’ influence, says Philip Delves Broughton

22 Sep, 2008

Philip Delves Broughton on what the change in status of two top investment banks will mean