Alice Schroeder; Warren Buffett

Goldman Sachs staff ‘arm themselves against public’

News Wed 2 Dec, AT 07:03

Bloomberg columnist Alice Schroeder claims senior bankers are seeking pistol permits

Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman Sachs CEO

Another banker apologises: this time it’s Blankfein

News Wed 18 Nov, AT 07:34

Goldman Sachs CEO must be thinking: why pay out good money if a big ‘sorry’ will do?

A patient receives a swine flu vaccination

Anger as Goldman Sachs staff get swine flu vaccine

News Fri 6 Nov, AT 13:16

Goldman Sachs has been criticised for vaccinating its employees against swine flu despite a national shortage

Guillotine the rich

Bring back the guillotine for Goldman Sachs & Co!

Tue 27 Oct, AT 07:52 Alexander Cockburn

Or is the populist fever not as fierce as commentators say, asks Alexander Cockburn

Goldman Sachs

Goldman CFO pleads for less focus on bonuses

News Fri 16 Oct, AT 08:24

Only a year after bank’s near-collapse, rewards at Goldman Sachs could beat the 2007 all-time record