Goldman Sachs

Markets rally as Meredith Whitney gives Goldman her vote

Mon 13 Jul, AT 18:29

Influential analyst Meredith Whitney has caused a stock market rally by advising clients to buy Goldman Sachs shares

AIG bonuses threaten to sully Obama’s reputation

Fri 20 Mar, AT 12:51
Alexander Cockburn

The president is dancing on the edge of a volcano with denials of knowledge about bonuses at AIG – and he’s already been burned

AIG rescue and the Goldman connection

Mon 29 Sep, AT 09:43

The AIG rescue raises questions about Goldman Sachs’ influence, says Philip Delves Broughton

Goldman and Morgan risk losing star traders

Mon 22 Sep, AT 17:52

Philip Delves Broughton on what the change in status of two top investment banks will mean