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Goodluck Jonathan

Nigeria: can Muhammadu Buhari really defeat Boko Haram?

One-Minute Read
Thu 2 Apr, AT 13:05

President-elect vows to succeed where Goodluck Jonathan failed and rid Islamist militants from the north

Abubakar Shekau of Boko Haram

Boko Haram: why is Nigeria losing its battle with terror?

Tue 13 Jan, AT 11:21

Lack of international support, political inertia and inherent corruption are to blame for bloodshed

Concentration of Boko Haram attacks on Nigerian towns and villages

Boko Haram: satellite images reveal extent of massacre

One-Minute Read
Thu 15 Jan, AT 13:19

Before and after images show devastation of 'catastrophic proportions' and one town almost wiped off the map

Bob Geldof

Bob Geldof slams reporter who 'lectured' him on tax morals

One-Minute Read
Wed 16 May, AT 11:49

Fund-raiser suggests his 'time' is a tax payment and asks hack how many irrigation ditches her salary has dug

Yet more luck for Nigeria’s Goodluck Jonathan

Mon 18 Apr, AT 14:28

The next president of Nigeria has lived up to his name during his political career

Nigeria football team World Cup Yakubu

Nigeria bans its football team for two years

Thu 1 Jul, AT 11:11

World Cup: President of Nigeria grounds the Super Eagles after dismal tournament