Should students be allowed to use Google during exams?

One-Minute Read
Fri 1 May, AT 12:08

The head of a UK exam board thinks so, but others dismiss the controversial idea as 'a nonsense'

Project Fi: Google to launch wi-fi mobile network

One-Minute Read
Thu 23 Apr, AT 12:59

Google unveils wireless mobile service that will connect users to millions of verified wi-fi signals across the US


Google Chromebit: a computer the size of a memory stick

Thu 16 Apr, AT 13:04

A new micro-PC from Google can plug into any TV or monitor, offering a cheap alternative to a laptop

Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer Director General Guy Semon, Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver, Intel's new device general manager Mi

Tag Heuer to build luxury smartwatch with Google

One-Minute Read
Fri 20 Mar, AT 12:06

Swiss watchmaker surprises industry by announcing 'luxurious and seamlessly connected' smartwatch

Google Translate

Google Translate review: how well does the new app work?

Fri 16 Jan, AT 12:15

Updated Google app interprets quickly across many languages – but some things are still lost in translation

Google Year in Search: Malaysia Airlines and Suarez top 2014 stories

One-Minute Read
Tue 16 Dec, AT 11:02

Jennifer Lawrence heads the global list of people trending on Google, beating Kim Kardashian and Julie Gayet

Apple iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Best tablet 2015: iPad Air 2 vs Nexus 9 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Fri 13 Mar, AT 15:54

We pit Apple against Samsung and Google in our guide to the best tablets of 2015

Google settles online abuse case out of court

One-Minute Read
Mon 24 Nov, AT 11:32

Businessman Daniel Hegglin settles with Google over untrue posts labelling him a murderer and a paedophile

Hanger One

Google takes the next step into space exploration

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Wed 12 Nov, AT 12:24

The tech giant has leased an airfield from Nasa as the space agency tries to reduce its footprint on earth

The camera of a street-view car

Google fined over Street View image of woman's cleavage

One-Minute Read
Fri 31 Oct, AT 14:36

She argued that the image was a violation of her privacy and modesty and could put her in danger