Google maps

iPhone 5
10 Dec, 2012

Drivers looking for the town of Mildura are being sent to a desert where temperatures can be deadly

Apple Inc
28 Nov, 2012

‘Product resuscitator’ Eddy Cue takes over as Apple maps supervisor is removed

22 Nov, 2012

South Pacific's Sandy Island appears on world maps but explorers who travelled there found only water

26 Sep, 2012

Eric Schmidt says Apple made a mistake, but iPhone maker might have caught Google on the hop

20 Sep, 2012

iOS6 iPhone upgrade drops Google Maps for 'dumb' Apple Maps

WWDC 2012 Apple conference
12 Jun, 2012

Apple shift allegiances, but is it in danger of putting people off with new Facebook integration?

Greenland ice climate change
21 Sep, 2011

Google Earth more accurate than £150 atlas, says angry Greenland specialist