Gordon Brown

George Osborne
09 Jul, 2012

Telegraph columnists attack Chancellor for 'calamitous' point-scoring against Ed Balls

05 Jul, 2012

Opinion digest: BBC's new director-general, Osborne's Libor inquiry, and a defence of Scientology

Barclays' Bob Diamond
05 Jul, 2012

It wasn't just Diamond's prevarication – the MPs' questions were timid and ill-informed

Bob Diamond
05 Jul, 2012

If the banker's non-answers were 'implausible', why is there so little hope of a judge-led inquiry?

04 Jul, 2012

Former Labour minister Lord Myners claims Paul Tucker has record of disputed conversation with Barclays chief

Rupert Murdoch
02 Jul, 2012

Volley of abusive tweets at David Cameron suggests Murdoch is fed up with the PM – and the rest of us

David Cameron outside Leveson inquiry
14 Jun, 2012

Prime Minister dismisses claims that he struck deal with Murdoch empire

Nick Clegg
13 Jun, 2012

But the Deputy Prime Minister also suggests the media has become obsessed with the inquiry

12 Jun, 2012

Former Conservative PM claims Murdoch did ask him to change his policy in return to media support

12 Jun, 2012

Opinion digest: the Leveson Inquiry, changing voter preferences and immigration