Flagellating Sir Fred will not save Gordon Brown

News Tue 3 Mar, AT 14:24

New Labour’s desperate bid to sacrifice the City’s scape-goats does not absolve politicians of their role in the financial crisis

James Grant, the man who saw the crash coming

News Thu 22 Jan, AT 00:00

The financial journalist who outsmarted the market with his predictions of economic doom believes the worst is yet to come

Have-it-all Labour ignore lessons of human physics

News Wed 14 Jan, AT 00:00

In order for the poor to better themselves, the rich must fail, as galling as it may be for Labour’s timid social reformers

Mervyn King is failing the British economy

News Thu 11 Dec, AT 00:00

As the Bank of England is urged to print more money to avoid deflation, the governor is once again in the spotlight for his dithering

UK troops needed to save Kabul from Taliban forces

Mon 8 Dec, AT 00:00 Robert Fox

The decision to focus our forces in the south of the country will be reversed and a division-strength unit put under the control of General Petraeus

Brown pawns the country for electoral expediency

News Fri 5 Dec, AT 08:31

The Prime Minister’s borrowing and spending splurge threatens to wipe out the economic gains of the last 30 years