Gordon Brown

G20: Brown downplays his once high hopes for unity

Mon 30 Mar, AT 14:27

There are five key topics for this week’s summit. But outbursts from Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy mean a follow-up will be necessary

Gordon Brown backtracks on further fiscal stimulus

Thu 26 Mar, AT 00:00

Two events conspire to force a change of heart – the Mervyn King warning and yesterday’s disastrous sale of Treasury gilts

Mervyn King and PM at odds over economy rescue

Wed 25 Mar, AT 12:39

The Governor of the Bank of England has warned Gordon Brown not to spend any more money – and the Chancellor agrees with him

The folly of pandering to financial services

Thu 12 Mar, AT 15:46

Nick Cohen's latest work exposes New Labour's foolishness in mistaking finance for free trade and bowing before the City's interests, says Oliver Kamm

Part-privatisation of the Post Office

Mon 9 Mar, AT 13:47

The arguments for and against Lord Mandelson's plans to save the Royal Mail