Gordon Brown

Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling

M15’s links with Gaddafi regime exposed; Keira shocker; Brown ‘deluded’

Sun 4 Sep, AT 10:28

Pick of the news reports and comment from the Sunday newspapers


Time to recapitalise EU banks on a massive scale

Tue 16 Aug, AT 14:22

First reaction: As German and eurozone growth falls, Gordon Brown calls for wholesale reform of the euro

Debt crisis stock market fear

Economic crisis is inevitable and it will get worse

Sun 7 Aug, AT 14:27

First reaction: What the commentators are saying about desperate attempts to calm the markets

Gordon Brown writing on Tony Blair

Project Volvo exposes Ed’s power-crazy gang

Fri 10 Jun, AT 15:04
The Mole

This plot should not be dismissed as history - these zealots are still running Labour today

Ed Balls Gordon Brown

Plot or no plot - history comes back to bite Balls

Fri 10 Jun, AT 15:03

First reaction: The ‘coup to oust Blair’ leaked to the Telegraph was always known - but it's still damaging

Christine Lagarde

Lagarde IMF backlash as Brown wins Obama praise

Thu 26 May, AT 17:13

Is French finance minister the right candidate and could Brown be the US choice?

Gordon Brown

IMF: Blanchflower joins campaign for Brown

Tue 24 May, AT 08:54

Coalition’s block on Gordon Brown is ‘tawdry’ - he was not responsible for shattering UK economy

Gordon Brown at the Chilcot inquiry

‘Give Gordon Brown the IMF’: big hitters weigh in

Mon 23 May, AT 12:52

A Tory grudge should not prevent Brown replacing Strauss-Kahn, say economists

Gordon Brown Labour conference

Gordon Brown: world heading for another collapse

Tue 17 May, AT 13:17

Business digest: Former PM warns the lessons of 2008 financial crisis have not been learned

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

Daily Mail fury over Blair and Brown palace ‘snub’

Wed 27 Apr, AT 15:28

Paper surprises readers by supporting Labour PMs uninvited to royal wedding