Grant Shapps

The Mole

Tory chair Shapps faces calls to resign over two jobs 'fib'

Mon 16 Mar, AT 10:44
The Mole

Shapps should be concentrating on decapitating Ukip: instead he’s got a personal ‘screw-up’ to deal with

Columnist Don Brind

Easy Tory win? Grant Shapps is whistling in the dark

Mon 23 Feb, AT 08:36
Don Brind

Tory chairman says they only have to win over 11,000 voters to grab victory. Wrong, says our poll-watcher

Douglas Carswell and Nigel Farage

Ukip hails Clacton by-election triumph

One-Minute Read
Fri 10 Oct, AT 08:45

Douglas Carswell becomes Ukip's first elected MP – and the party almost took another seat from Labour

The Mole

Is Ed Miliband getting ‘redder’ or does he know what’s popular?

Tue 6 May, AT 10:55
The Mole

Tory press is coming down on rent controls and rail renationalisation – but Labour has public on side

UKIP 'clowns' enjoy last laugh as voters show their support

First Reaction
Fri 3 May, AT 08:51

Nigel Farage's party comes second in South Shields by-election and looks set to win 100 council seats

After Eastleigh, Cameron's innate optimism is no longer enough

Mon 4 Mar, AT 09:57
Richard Ehrman

Number Ten still believes Miliband and Balls are eminently beatable in 2015. Yes, but...

Who started Adam Afriyie story? Surely not the Cameron camp?

Mon 28 Jan, AT 08:53
The Mole

As four polls cut Labour's lead over Tories to under ten points, the last thing Tories need is a new leader


Tories split over whether to hire Lynton Crosby to run election

Tue 30 Oct, AT 10:10
The Mole

Editor and proprietor of ConservativeHome at odds over the contentious Aussie spin doctor

ASA to investigate scheme run by Tory chairman Grant Shapps

Business Digest
Fri 5 Oct, AT 15:26

Shapps was allegedly posing as a web guru named Michael Green trying to sell get-rich-quick advice

Ed Balls

Balls tells Osborne to 'shoot my fox' on 4G stamp duty plan

First Reaction
Mon 1 Oct, AT 14:00

The shadow chancellor set out his £3bn house-building plan, then offered the policy to the government to enact