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great white shark

A Great White Shark in South Africa

Shark Week: what is the most dangerous animal in the world?

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Fri 8 Aug, AT 13:07

Think sharks are scary? Tapeworms and snails kill thousands more people across the world each year

Great shark

Why we should love Lydia the 'UK-bound' great white shark

Sun 9 Mar, AT 10:22

A great white shark is hanging around the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Scientists are hoping she will cross to the European side...

Cage diving with a shark

First shark killed as controversial Australian cull gets underway

First Reaction
Mon 27 Jan, AT 15:43

Large Tiger shark shot dead as Western Australia begins kill designed to reduce attacks

Police shoot great white shark but can't save swimmer - video

Wed 27 Feb, AT 14:07

New Zealand man killed by four-metre predator in attack off the coast near Auckland

Great White SHark

Great white shark fisherman convicted in South Africa

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Thu 7 Feb, AT 15:18

'World first' as fisherman who landed an eight-foot killer is given a suspended jail sentence

Fury as Western Australia plans to hunt down and kill sharks

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Fri 28 Sep, AT 14:17

Fatal attacks prompt plans to kill sharks that get too close to swimmers