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Greek bailout

German finance minister says Greece will need a third bailout

One-Minute Read
Wed 21 Aug, AT 14:34

On eve of German election, Wolfgang Schauble admits Greece will require further support


Greeks call Hollande's bluff over rejecting German austerity

Opinion digest
Tue 8 May, AT 11:43

Opinion digest: Europe's austerity alliances, corporate freedom of information and 9/11 trials

Richard Ehrman

Europe seeks its chance to bring Germans down a peg or two

Tue 13 Mar, AT 07:26
Richard Ehrman

Once unthinkable, now Angela Merkel happily interferes in French presidential election


Wir sagen nein! Bild refuses to take cut on Greek bonds

First Post
Wed 7 Mar, AT 15:27

Plucky German tabloid makes a (futile) stand against Greek bailout 'sham'

The €130 billion question: is EU postponing the inevitable?

Talking Point
Tue 21 Feb, AT 12:14

Latest bailout will mean an austerity regime the Greeks will never be able to cope with

Greek bailout on hold again – what’s gone wrong this time?

Wed 15 Feb, AT 07:52

Increasingly bullish European leaders prepare for Greece to default and leave the euro

Protestors outside Greek parliament in Athens in 2011

Is Greece about to default - or is this just brinkmanship?

One-Minute Read
Mon 6 Feb, AT 13:09

Ruling coalition must tell EU today if it accepts the painful reforms that go with £108bn rescue package