by Ahmad Hammoud/Creative Commons

Will personalised news narrow our minds not broaden them?

Fri 17 Oct, AT 10:37 Holden Frith

News algorithms that allow you to hear only the news you want to hear carry profound disadvantages

Guardian editor Rusbridger 'bats away' MPs' NSA questions

First Reaction Wed 4 Dec, AT 09:33

Questions about patriotism 'the very definition of McCarthyism', but editor's response was 'impressive'

NSA desk

NSA tapped calls of 35 foreign leaders, reveals secret memo

One-Minute Read Fri 25 Oct, AT 09:21

Latest Edward Snowden leak suggests White House was urged to share contacts with US spy agency

Greenwald leaves the Guardian to set up news organisation

First Reaction Wed 16 Oct, AT 15:23

NSA leaks journalist quits to pursue “career dream” but the reaction to his departure is mixed

Crispin Black

Cameron is not the first PM to be seduced by intelligence services

Fri 23 Aug, AT 10:58 Crispin Black

The government would do well to consider what intelligence activities are really necessary today

Guardian man vows 'more aggression' over spy stories

Summary Tue 20 Aug, AT 09:28

Glenn Greenwald says partner's London detention makes him even more determined to publish Snowden secrets

Guardian man's partner held at Heathrow for nine hours

First Reaction Mon 19 Aug, AT 10:22

MP asks: Why was Brazilian citizen detained under anti-terrorism laws in connection with Edward Snowden leaks?

Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker: I didn't quit Guardian in a huff

Media Watch Mon 29 Jul, AT 12:15

Columnist denies he left paper after editor refused to ban readers' comments

Charles Laurence

Whistleblower Snowden in a fix: but so is this ruthless President

Mon 10 Jun, AT 07:48 Charles Laurence

If Obama fails to hunt him down, it will look as if Snowden was justified in blowing the whistle on his administration

Premier League revenues set to exceed £3bn next season

One-Minute Read Thu 6 Jun, AT 11:12

English top flight remains a massive money-spinner despite huge wage bill