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The Guardian

John Terry wins England war as Hodgson drops Rio Ferdinand

First Post
Wed 16 May, AT 08:39

Peter Crouch and Micah Richards surplus to requirements, call up for Bobby Zamora?


Licence fee must be in question after BBC loses Grand National

Opinion digest
Tue 20 Mar, AT 09:04

Opinion Digest: From the BBC to Toulouse to the government's plan to privatise roads

Garry Trudeau

Doonesbury cartoon dropped for tackling Texas abortion law

One-Minute Read
Mon 12 Mar, AT 13:37

Garry Trudeau's cartoon is suspended or moved from comic section for satirising Texan rules

Kelvin MacKenzie

Guardian gets Pulitzers, Sun gets jail, claims MacKenzie

One-Minute Read
Mon 9 Jan, AT 13:14

Former Sun editor attacks Anne Diamond and The Guardian at Leveson inquiry

Guardian offices

Met lightens up – but was Guardian partly to blame?

Wed 21 Sep, AT 13:36

Talking Point: The Met’s Official Secrets Act threat was ill-advised, but was the Guardian asking for trouble?

Guardian offices

Legal battle looms over Met attack on Guardian

Sun 18 Sep, AT 14:02

Police action is an abuse of the Official Secrets Act and the Human Rights Act, say editors and lawyers

The Guardian

Guardian says ‘told you so’ a decade after 9/11

Tue 6 Sep, AT 13:51

Paper thumbs nose at critics as it recalls how it came under fire in 2001 for questioning the wisdom of the war on terror