Huhne fights £100,000 legal bill and offers to pay £25,000

One-Minute Read Mon 22 Apr, AT 15:42

Ex-cabinet minister back in court as he tries to avoid hefty prosecution costs

Hacked Off ignores politicians and publishes draft Leveson bill

Talking Point Mon 7 Jan, AT 15:14

Campaign group says its bill is true to the judge's original report and will stop political meddling

Schofield ambushes Cameron with list of ‘Tory paedophiles’

One-Minute Read Thu 8 Nov, AT 13:05

Prime Minister was confronted on ITV's This Morning by host Philip Schofield with names linked to abuse case

Naked Prince Harry pictures: British media in turmoil

Talking Point Wed 22 Aug, AT 14:42

Leveson inquiry blamed for scaring the press as London papers steer clear of nude Harry pics

Craif Oliver

TV camera catches Cameron spin doctor bollocking BBC news man

Video Mon 28 May, AT 14:26

Conservative head of press reads the Riot Act to Norman Smith over report linking the PM, Hunt and the Murdochs

Bank of England

Bank of England gets the blame as inflation jumps in March

One-Minute Read Tue 17 Apr, AT 13:56

CPI rises to 3.7%, leaving Mervyn King even further away from government's 2% target

Chris Huhne

Chris Huhne claims £17K payoff after Cabinet exit

First Post Wed 29 Feb, AT 10:08

Millionaire decides to take money despite criticism of such payments by senior Lib Dems

Alastair Campbell

Blogger summoned by Leveson for leaking Campbell evidence

One-Minute Read Mon 28 Nov, AT 10:29

Guido Fawkes claims evidence implicates Daily Mirror in hiring of private investigators

Paul Staines

Guido Fawkes campaigns to restore death penalty

News Mon 1 Aug, AT 16:33

The blogger has launched an e-petition calling for MPs to vote on the issue