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Gulf of Mexico

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP makes its first annual loss since 1992

Tue 1 Feb, AT 10:07

Business digest: BP loses $4.9bn, but will resume paying dividends anyway

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill clean up

US taking BP to court over Gulf oil spill

Thu 16 Dec, AT 10:07

Business Digest: US seeks unlimited damages in ‘gross negligence’ claim

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

Compensation agreed for less than half of BP claims

Thu 25 Nov, AT 16:24

Business digest: Of 450,000 claims, only 175,000 will get a slice of the $2.3billion payout

Oil giant BP (British Petroleum)

BP back in profit despite leak cost hitting $39.9bn

Tue 2 Nov, AT 08:40

Business Digest: New CEO says his team are rebuilding confidence after 'terrible events' in Gulf of Mexico

New BP boss Bob Dudley to set up safety division

Wed 29 Sep, AT 16:50

Business Digest: The unit will have ‘sweeping powers’ to intervene and uphold standards